Album Review: Mayer Hawthorne's "Where Does This Door Go"



I really can't say enough about this album, Rolling Stone gave it a scathing review but I find it refreshing. Mayer Hawthorne takes you back to the sound of 60s and 70s soul but brings it to today with relevant lyrics. Musically this album is amazing, multiple producers, bands, and Mayer Hawthorne himself contribute to the musical back drop. And even though so many people contributed to this album it all fits together perfectly to make one cohesive project. Lastly I'll talk about the lyrics, and this is a subject I'm huge on, an album isn't good or great to me unless the lyrics have substance, contain a unifying theme that ties the album together, and are catchy/memorable.... This album does all of that. So that's enough from me, go get the album! DJ Black rabbit approved!

Check out the mini documentary on the making of the album below