The StankFace Chronicles

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So what is a StankFace and what are The StankFace Chronicles? Im glad you asked, a StankFace is the look on your face when you hear or see something incredible for the first time, its like you smelled a foul odor but its actually your body's reaction to something new and great. As Run DMC would say: "Not Bad meaning bad but bad meaning good".

Now The StankFace Chronicles are a collection of songs/edits that have personally made my face go Stank. Now what makes the StankFace Chronicles different than mixes you might have heard in the past is the fact that there are no genre boundaries, we will travel from Hip-Hop, to House, to Soul, to Top 40 in one Episode.

I made this series for the music lovers only, its here to expand boundaries and knock down the walls we put up that don't allow us to listen to different type of music. So join me in this musical journey….

Welcome to The StankFace Chronicles


Track Listing

1. Stay High- Hippie Sabotage 
2. Wine Glass Woman (Aeroplane Remix)- Mayor Hawthorne 
3. Shake Your Body (Excel D0-Over Remix)- Michael Jackson 
4. Too High- Dj Black Rabbit 
5. Lose Yourself to Dance (Chris Villa Edit)- Daft Punk 
6. Piano in the Dark- Brenda Russell 
7. Runnin' (Bit Funk Remix)- The Pharcyde 
8. Crime (Suff Daddy Remix)-Mayer Hawthorne 
9. Hillary $wank- Joey Bada$$ 
10. Bound 2- Kanye West 
11. Headlines (Drake Cover)- The Soul Rebels 
12. Don't Phunk Around- Black Eyed Peas 
13. One Thing (Polkadot Remix)- Amerie 
14. La Fique (Zhane/Hey DJ/Player Haters - Nyce Edit)- Zhane 
15. The Way it is- Bruce Hornsby 
16. Changes- 2Pac

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