Is This what it comes to?

DJ Ross One pokes fun at the DJ industry in a Hilarious way with some cameos by some big artists. Sad but true, BUT i have a feeling the tables will turn (pun intended lol) and we will come back to being about the music and not everything else... but Rant over, enjoy the Vid!!! 

August 2012 Dance Mix

NEW MIX!!!! AND UPGRADED! Now as every song is played the title and cover art show up so you know excatly whats playing! As Always enjoy!

1. Glad You Came- The Wanted
2. We Found Love (Solidisco Bootleg)- Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
3. The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)- Martin Solveig
4. Boomerang- DJ Felli Fel ft Akon & Pitbull
5. Part of Me- Katy Perry
6. Goin In- Jennifer Lopez ft Flo Rida & Lil Jon
7. We Run the Night (feat. Pitbull)- Havana Brown
8. Turn Up the Music- Chris Brown ft Rihanna
9. Scream (Clinton Sparks Remix)- Usher
10. Titanium- David Guetta ft Sia
11.Wild Ones- Flo Rida Feat Sia
12. Somebody I Used To Know- Gotye ft Kimbra
13. After Ever After (Ft. Nicola Reyes)- MDC
14. One More Night- Maroon 5
15. All You- The Cataracs ft Waka Flocka Flame
16. Dance Again- Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull

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The House Mix!

The whole purpose of this month mix marathon is to showcase the different styles of music that I get down with. A lot of people get confused when I play top 40, House, or dubstep (because of my background in Rap/R&B) at my live gigs and they are confused because they just don't know my musical depth, I really don't think there is a genre of music that I totally dislike.

Now on to this week, this week is the house mix, I'll be taking you on a ride down the house side of things with artists such as Fifteenth,Benny Benassi,Duck Sauce,Deadmau5 and more! As always enjoy!

1. Daft Funk- Social Disco Club
2. One More Time- Daft Punk
3. Tomorrow- Fifteenth
4. Show Children Love- DiscoTech
5. The Weekend- Michael Gray
6. Come Fly Away (Adam k & Soha Remix)- Benny Benassi feat. Channing
7. Pon De Floor (Joe Maz 1992 Bootleg)- Major Lazer
8. Give it Up- The Goodmen
9. Pistol Whip (Paul Anthony & Zxx Remix)- High Caliber
10. Buggin Out- DiscoTech
11. aNYway- Duck Sauce
12. No Worry- Danny Daze & Whitenoize
13. Rock WIth You (WHite Label Mix)- Daft Punk/Michael Jackson
14. Soul Bells- Le Knight Club
15. Big Bad Wolf- Duck Sauce
16. I Remember (Vocal Mix)- Deadmau5 and Kaskade
17. Atmospheric Beats- Kerri Chandler

Listen here:

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I Know I know, I dropped my last mix in July about 6 months ago, and everyone has been asking when the new one is going to drop and today is the day!!! Finally a new mix from Your Favorite DJs Favorite DJ! This one is for all my pop music fans, ENJOY!

Also as part of my return into mix production I will be dropping a new mix of a different genre every week for the month of January! Stay Tuned!

1.Don't Wanna Go Home Jason Derulo
2.Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5 Ft Christina Aguilera
3.Beautiful People- Chris Brown f. Benny Benassi
4.Oh What A Night (Chuckie Remix) Lil Jon Ft. ClaudeKelly
5.Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO
6.Hangover- Taio Cruz ft FloRida
7.Good Feeling- Flo Rida
8.In The Dark Remix- Dev & MDC
9.Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
10.Where Have You Been- Rihanna
11.Run The World (Girls)- Beyonce
12.Little Bad Girl David Guetta Ft. Taio Cruz
13.We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)- Rihanna
14.Don't Stop The Party- Black Eyed Peas
15.Turn Around (Part 2)- Flo Rida F Pitbull
16.Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO

Listen Here:

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Getting Your Song Played at the Party

How to NOT Get Your Song Played

1.Tell the DJ your about to leave in 3 minutes and he or she has to play your song right now

2. Just because its your friends birthday dosn't mean the DJ is going to now play I can show the world from Aladdin

3. Asking the DJ for songs while he is mixing

4. Asking the DJ to play a song 7 -10 times in a night, the more times you ask the less chance that he or she is going to play it

5. Asking for a song while waving your drink over their equipment... not only are you not getting your song you also might die

6. Touching the DJ's laptop without permission (refer to last part of # 5)

7. Cursing out the DJ

8. Asking for music that only you want to hear

9. Stand all night by the DJ booth and request songs that nobody knows about but you and your friends

I could go all day on another ways to not get your song played but it really comes down to one thing, treat the DJ with respect and you will get the same back. Alot of people dont seem to realize this fact but DJing is a job, it takes alot of time and energy to become a decent DJ and have the ability to entertain multiple groups of people at the same time.

How To Get Your Song Played

1. Ask for a song that fits in the same genre or vibe that DJ is currently playing in

2. When the DJ does play your song actually go dance, dont stand by the booth with the next song you want on your lips

3. Acknowledge that the DJ is a person, you can do this by saying hello, or how are you doing

4. Please and thank you are very powerful words... use them

5. Last and definitely not least enjoy yourself! Trust me the DJ is less likely to play your song if you are a downer

Thank you for reading my little tutorial on getting your song played at the party, this is all my honest opinion and while I cannot guarantee that these rules will get your song played every time your chances will mos def greatly improve.. try it!

This has been a PSA from B Rab Productions, more will be released when it is again deemed necessary

Thank you

World Famous

Wow what a night, this set is pretty much the dream set I've always wanted to do, no preparation of any kind just right on in. And i def want to thank the very talented Joey World Famous for letting me grace his studio (you can check out his work here---> Joey World Famous ). What I loved about this is I was allowed to creatively go where ever I wanted and take the crowd on a musical journey... we were all over from funk to soul to hip hop to dub step to pop to rock and I think i might have gotten some country in there lol. But this is what DJing means to me, its not the crowd dictating what the DJ must play, its a mutual relationship with the crowd and the DJ, the crowd should respect the DJ and his musical choices and give each song selection a chance before they automatically decide its wack because they have never heard it before, and in turn the DJ must respect the crowd giving the crowd songs that they know and songs that they don't opening their eyes to new horizons. The DJ should never be self indulgent only picking songs he/she wants to listen to, they need to have the ability to read the crowd correctly and give them what they want and need with his/her own style.

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Hip-Hop: The Musical Gateway Drug

This video is of DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh as they go through some Hip-Hop classics on the turntables and violin. They are a perfect example of why Hip-Hop in my honest opinion is the best genre of music to get exposed to music as a whole. For example after seeing this set it could spark the interest of an urban youth who has never heard classical music to look up Paul Dateh and he could be inspired to find more. From Hip-Hop's roots of sampling examples of things like this happen all the time, I find myself discovering generes of music I would never think to listen to after I hear a sample of it in a beat. So in closing LISTEN to some Hip-Hop (Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, J.dilla etc.) you might find something you never thought you would.


Heres some more----> Part 2

Paul Dateh Absolutely murders the transition from Nas's "It Aint Hard to tell" into SWV's "Right Here"... I got goosebumps...ILL!

Wet Wednesdays!!!

So I've been given my first weekly postion at a bar so obviouly I'm really excited, and the support I've been receiving as of late has been amazing. So for everyone that has come out to rock with me and for everyone who wants to but isnt old enough this is for you!!! 3 live mixes by yours truely!!!


So if your in the Kutztown area come on out every Wednesday from 11pm-2am!!!





Another Live Mix (Week 8)

This is an excerpt from my friend Amanda's sisters Grad party, this mix is all over the place genre wise... oldies, pop, Country, R&B, Rap i think lol but thats how i do when i play out, i leave no stone unturned haha, well sit back and enjoy I'll be back next week!

P.S. Sorry but no track list this week

The Mary J Mix (Week 7)

This week is a tribute to Mary J. Blige, shes been making hits for years and a true testament to what it means to be true to yourself and still make great music, enjoy!

1.You're All that I Need- Method Man & Mary J. Blige
2.I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Razor Sharp Mix) (featuring Method Man)- Mary J. Blige
3.Family Affair- Mary J. Blige
4.People- Queen Latifah ft Mary J Blige
5.Be Without You- Mary J Blige
6.Take Me As I Am- Mary J Blige
7.Somethings Gotta Give- Big Boi ft Mary J. Blige
8.Good Woman Down- Mary J Blige
9.As- George Michael and Mary J. Blige
10.No More Drama- Mary J. Blige
11.No More Drama [Remix]- Mary J. Blige/Puff Daddy
12.Real Love- Mary J Blige

Rabbit Radio Presents: The Dilla Tribute Mix (Week 4)

J. Dilla... the best to ever do it, this man has done so much for Hip-Hop! if you dont know who this is please do your homework! I did a dilla mix a couple of years back and i felt the need to do it again today enjoy. No tags in this, nice in clean out of respect for Jay, R.I.P. 1974-2006

P.S. Please Excuse some of the track titles and missing artist info, some of this dilla stuff is so exclusive it has no titles... crazy

1.Track 05- JAY DEE
2.Featuring Phat Kat- J. Dilla
3.Baby (Instrumental)- J Dilla
4.Baby Ft. Madlib And Guilty Simpson- J Dilla
5.The Exclusive Ft Percee P- Jaylib
6.Creepin'- J Dilla
7.Rock Box- J Dilla
8.Welcome 2 Detroit- J. Dilla
9.Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check (The Jay-Dee Bounce Remix)- J Dilla
10.Workonit- J. Dilla
11.Big City- J Dilla
12.Dynamite!- The Roots
13.Runnin' (Jay Dee Extended Mix)- J Dilla
14.From da North to da East- J Dilla
15.Love Movin' Ft. Black Thought- J Dilla
16.Think Twice- J. Dilla Peanut Butter Wolf & DJ Jazzy Jeff
17.As Serious as Your Life feat. Guilty Simpson (Jay Dee Remix)- J Dilla
18.The $- J. Dilla

Where I Should Have Went to School

This is pic from Dubspot, Dubspot is a DJing and digital production school in New York city, they offer classes in everything from Pro Tools to Reason and from Serato to trakor. The cool thing about this school is some big name DJs teach there (such as DJ Shiftee DMC 2009 World Champion) and big name DJs also go there to learn. There class sizes are pretty small to allow more one on one time with the instructor and to allow more time for students to ask questions. Classes start at around 200 for their weekend courses and go up to around 2000 for a 6 month course. So if your just getting into DJing or production or you've like myself been doing it for years you should definitely check these guys out.

You can find info like class schedules and pricing here--->DubSpot

Watch a clip from a class here--->Dubspot Video