Hip-Hop: The Musical Gateway Drug

This video is of DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh as they go through some Hip-Hop classics on the turntables and violin. They are a perfect example of why Hip-Hop in my honest opinion is the best genre of music to get exposed to music as a whole. For example after seeing this set it could spark the interest of an urban youth who has never heard classical music to look up Paul Dateh and he could be inspired to find more. From Hip-Hop's roots of sampling examples of things like this happen all the time, I find myself discovering generes of music I would never think to listen to after I hear a sample of it in a beat. So in closing LISTEN to some Hip-Hop (Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, J.dilla etc.) you might find something you never thought you would.


Heres some more----> Part 2

Paul Dateh Absolutely murders the transition from Nas's "It Aint Hard to tell" into SWV's "Right Here"... I got goosebumps...ILL!