Raw The Breakdown

This is an episode to one of the dopest shows that you may never see. A couple of months back B.Lee, Myself, and the Rhymestreet crew set out to make a show that brought to the for front the music we all love, HIP-HOP! We shot the entire first season and now things have slowed up up on the backing slide.... nonetheless here is episode 6, featuring Hustler Records own Bones and B.Lee (Special assistance by (DJ Black Rabbit)

Shot by: B.Lee and B. Rabbit
Edited by: B.Lee

The Greatest Revenge


I've known B.Lee for about 4 or so years now, and he is definitely one of the most talented people I know, from his production work, lyrics, and video he really is the total package. His newest project is a mixtape entitled The Greatest Revenge and in my honest opinion this is his best work that I've heard. This is real Hip-Hop, raw honest, no filler. I'm also  proud to be apart of this project ( produced the beat for "Here We Go") Tracklist and download link below.

1. Intro (Much More)
2. Diamonds (feat. Grit & Bones)
3. Walls
4. Right on Time
5. One Day (f. MDC)
6. This is For My (feat Bones)
7. Marilyn Monroe (feat Grit)
8. Makeup Bag Remix
9. Still Aint Enough (feat. LR)
10. Here We Go
11. Nightlife Part 2
12. Crashing
13. Exhale (feat Mike V, Bones, Grit)
14. Fancy Remix

 Download-----> HERE!!!

P.S. The physical cd will be available soon featuring bonus content!

In the Digitital Age You Can Never Back Up Enough

This is a great tutorial by one of my favorite photographers on backing up your data (digital Photos and video) this is great info and can be applied to whatever you do weather it be music, video, or photography. Through my time as a DJ and producer I have definitely learned if your data isn't backed up you are going to get burned somewhere down the line.

To check out Chase's Blog and work follow the link---->Chase Jarvis

Where I Should Have Went to School

This is pic from Dubspot, Dubspot is a DJing and digital production school in New York city, they offer classes in everything from Pro Tools to Reason and from Serato to trakor. The cool thing about this school is some big name DJs teach there (such as DJ Shiftee DMC 2009 World Champion) and big name DJs also go there to learn. There class sizes are pretty small to allow more one on one time with the instructor and to allow more time for students to ask questions. Classes start at around 200 for their weekend courses and go up to around 2000 for a 6 month course. So if your just getting into DJing or production or you've like myself been doing it for years you should definitely check these guys out.

You can find info like class schedules and pricing here--->DubSpot

Watch a clip from a class here--->Dubspot Video