I'm So Thankful

Wow everything is really coming around for me, I remember not too long ago I was doing partys with 2 cd player walkmans and a boombox. Alot has changed since then but not my love for music or for people. I wanted to just publicly thank everyone who has been there for me since day 1, giving me rides, telling me when I was off, and plain old putting up with me practicing at all hours (sorry parents and residents lol). Sooooo welcome to my website!!! feel free to comment on posts that you like or you don't like and of course you know I'll be bringing you nothing but the greatest Music and other random tidbits that I'm into.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

(BTW this picture is from one of my first mobile gigs in Reading about 4 years ago, WE KILLED IT that night, shoutout to DJ Mex)