Album Review: Mayer Hawthorne's "Where Does This Door Go"



I really can't say enough about this album, Rolling Stone gave it a scathing review but I find it refreshing. Mayer Hawthorne takes you back to the sound of 60s and 70s soul but brings it to today with relevant lyrics. Musically this album is amazing, multiple producers, bands, and Mayer Hawthorne himself contribute to the musical back drop. And even though so many people contributed to this album it all fits together perfectly to make one cohesive project. Lastly I'll talk about the lyrics, and this is a subject I'm huge on, an album isn't good or great to me unless the lyrics have substance, contain a unifying theme that ties the album together, and are catchy/memorable.... This album does all of that. So that's enough from me, go get the album! DJ Black rabbit approved!

Check out the mini documentary on the making of the album below 

Is This what it comes to?

DJ Ross One pokes fun at the DJ industry in a Hilarious way with some cameos by some big artists. Sad but true, BUT i have a feeling the tables will turn (pun intended lol) and we will come back to being about the music and not everything else... but Rant over, enjoy the Vid!!! 

Raw The Breakdown

This is an episode to one of the dopest shows that you may never see. A couple of months back B.Lee, Myself, and the Rhymestreet crew set out to make a show that brought to the for front the music we all love, HIP-HOP! We shot the entire first season and now things have slowed up up on the backing slide.... nonetheless here is episode 6, featuring Hustler Records own Bones and B.Lee (Special assistance by (DJ Black Rabbit)

Shot by: B.Lee and B. Rabbit
Edited by: B.Lee

Hip-Hop: The Musical Gateway Drug

This video is of DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh as they go through some Hip-Hop classics on the turntables and violin. They are a perfect example of why Hip-Hop in my honest opinion is the best genre of music to get exposed to music as a whole. For example after seeing this set it could spark the interest of an urban youth who has never heard classical music to look up Paul Dateh and he could be inspired to find more. From Hip-Hop's roots of sampling examples of things like this happen all the time, I find myself discovering generes of music I would never think to listen to after I hear a sample of it in a beat. So in closing LISTEN to some Hip-Hop (Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, J.dilla etc.) you might find something you never thought you would.


Heres some more----> Part 2

Paul Dateh Absolutely murders the transition from Nas's "It Aint Hard to tell" into SWV's "Right Here"... I got goosebumps...ILL!

Drake: Better Than Good (MTV Documentary)

This aired on MTV sometime yesterday and I found it on 2dopeboyz (shoutout to Meka), but this documentary really gives you a behind the scenes look into Drake's life for the last couple of months. I have alot of friends on both sides of the fence about Drake, some say hes the best out right now, and some say hes trash and sounds just like lil wayne... my opinion... I agree with MTV's Sway, the jury is still out, we need to see what he does next before I can give him an accurate appraisal, but I definitely can say this man has passion and talent and its quite inspirational hearing from him that he is the same age as me... aka I gotta get a move on lol. But check it out, follow the link at the bottom to view the rest of the documentary enjoy...

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In the Digitital Age You Can Never Back Up Enough

This is a great tutorial by one of my favorite photographers on backing up your data (digital Photos and video) this is great info and can be applied to whatever you do weather it be music, video, or photography. Through my time as a DJ and producer I have definitely learned if your data isn't backed up you are going to get burned somewhere down the line.

To check out Chase's Blog and work follow the link---->Chase Jarvis

Envelope just got pushed... Again

This is the new midi controller from Novation, shoutout to Gizmo over at Skratchworx  for the info.But basically this controller is the first that I've seen that really integrates with your existing set up, if you know me at all you know I'm one of those Hip-Hop purists who only uses a laptop for music and hardware for everything else, but this thing looks ill, now im just waiting for the reviews to come back from DJs who probally got an advanced copy of it