World Famous

Wow what a night, this set is pretty much the dream set I've always wanted to do, no preparation of any kind just right on in. And i def want to thank the very talented Joey World Famous for letting me grace his studio (you can check out his work here---> Joey World Famous ). What I loved about this is I was allowed to creatively go where ever I wanted and take the crowd on a musical journey... we were all over from funk to soul to hip hop to dub step to pop to rock and I think i might have gotten some country in there lol. But this is what DJing means to me, its not the crowd dictating what the DJ must play, its a mutual relationship with the crowd and the DJ, the crowd should respect the DJ and his musical choices and give each song selection a chance before they automatically decide its wack because they have never heard it before, and in turn the DJ must respect the crowd giving the crowd songs that they know and songs that they don't opening their eyes to new horizons. The DJ should never be self indulgent only picking songs he/she wants to listen to, they need to have the ability to read the crowd correctly and give them what they want and need with his/her own style.

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Hip-Hop: The Musical Gateway Drug

This video is of DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh as they go through some Hip-Hop classics on the turntables and violin. They are a perfect example of why Hip-Hop in my honest opinion is the best genre of music to get exposed to music as a whole. For example after seeing this set it could spark the interest of an urban youth who has never heard classical music to look up Paul Dateh and he could be inspired to find more. From Hip-Hop's roots of sampling examples of things like this happen all the time, I find myself discovering generes of music I would never think to listen to after I hear a sample of it in a beat. So in closing LISTEN to some Hip-Hop (Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, J.dilla etc.) you might find something you never thought you would.


Heres some more----> Part 2

Paul Dateh Absolutely murders the transition from Nas's "It Aint Hard to tell" into SWV's "Right Here"... I got goosebumps...ILL!

B.Lee, MDC, and Jersey Shore Cast

You heard right my boys B.Lee and MDC will be performing this thursday at the Crocodile Rock at 7:30pm, also "THE SITUATION" AND "SAMMI SWEETHEART" from the show Jersey Shore will also be in attendance.I've been to these guys show before and they rip down the house every time! You wanna jump on these tickets ASAP because this is a hot event. TICKETS CANNOT BE BOUGHT AT THE DOOR, YOU MUST BUY THEM IN ADVANCE!!! Contact me at 484 467 8157 on getting tickets, ONLY 15 BUCKS! I'LL SEE YOU THERE!!!


Performance will be held at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown Pa